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The sheets for the Free Spacer RPG are now available free to everyone. This is the release version of the sheets needed to play the sandbox starship tabletop RPG after the successful Kickstarter.


Setting sheets// Present these to your players stapled together or on your Roll20 page with all the setting info you come up with together. This includes the Sector Map & Log, Faction sheets for your three Societies, the event table & timeline, and the species log.

Character sheets// The ship sheet is a double-sided sheet that you share as a group. Together your group creates a ship that acts as your group template, spaceflight tools, and home. The crew sheet is a double-sided that you use to record all your choices and track everything you need to play.

Contract// Prepare proposals and ratify it with your crew then add addendum during play. The contract sheet guides you and your players in during play.

Gamemaster Prep sheets// As the Gamemaster, you will need to prepare many different characters and locations. Record all your prep on these multiple sheets, so that you always have all the info you need at your finger tips.

Roll20 Sheets

In this time of social distancing and internet gaming. Many tabletop games are happening on virtual tables tops. Free Spacer is all set up for online play through Roll20 with custom automated character sheets.

Just choose the Free Spacer Character Sheet Template when you set up your game and add the setting sheets from the PDF to the table top. As players, your Crew sheets and Contingency type Corvette sheet are all set up and ready to go with interactive ship configuration widget and cargo totals that calculate for you. For the Gamemaster, all your prep sheets are set up to help you run the game as smoothly as you do in your home game.

Salvo Mode// Both the Crew sheet and Contingency type Corvette sheet include Salvo Mode an interactive dice roller that walk you through each roll tracking the Charge and Supply that you spend with each salvo.


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